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Julie's Stories

This page contains links to my friend Julie's stories. These stories are absolutely terrific and most are tear jerkers about Brian. Enjoy :-)

Don't Wanna Lose You Now

Brian goes to his doctor and finds he has a serious medical problem. His family and friends help him get through this problem, but his best friend is the one who is always there for him. But can their friendship survive? Completed


When Brian passes out at a concert, he never thought anything serious could be wrong. But then he finds out he needs a heart transplant. While waiting, Brian meets a girl named Alexa, and they become good friends. But will Brian get a transplant before time runs out? Completed

Heart of An Angel

The sequel to "Heartache" Completed

Back To Your Heart

The last sequel to "Heartache" and "Heart of an Angel" Completed

One Last Wish

The Backstreet Boys meet a little girl through the Make a Wish Foundation. Brian grows especially close to her, and she becomes like a little sister to him. But how will he cope with losing her? Completed.

End of the Road

It started out a normal night. But then, the night turns tragic as the Backstreet Boys' tour bus crashes! Will they all survive? Completed.

Silent Desperation

Brian gets into a car accident and is badly injured. Even after he gets out of the hospital, he has a long, painful recovery to face. While recovering, he becomes addicted to pain medication, without realizing the dangers. Will he get help before it's too late? Completed.

The One

Katelyn has a horrible secret: she is being abused. When she gets to meet her idol, Brian, she tells him the truth. Brian wants to help her. But will he be able to? Warning: This story is rated R because it contains violence and bad language. Completed.

The Terror Within

They had finally broken up, and that was the way he wanted it. He never wanted to see their faces again. However, they might have been gone, but they would never be forgotten. And when they return, he finds himself filled with so much rage, he could kill. And he would kill. Only everything didn’t go as he had planned. She messed up the plan. She saved his life. And now she’s in danger too. Warning: This story is rated R because of some violence and adult content. Completed

The Terror Lives On *The Sequel to "The Terror Within"*

It’s been six years since the tragedy. They thought it was over. But he still wants his revenge. And he’s determined to get it. Completed.

The Final Terror *The Sequel to "The Terror Lives On"*

It isn't over yet... Completed.

Cry of Despair

His girlfriend left him, he's depressed and suddenly he is fighting a battle for his life. Completed.

Star Cross'd *The Sequel to Cry of Despair*

Recovering from his transplant, Nick finds himself falling in love with a girl he’s just met. But this isn’t just any girl. She’s someone special. Nick’s feelings for her are strong and true… but how can he act on them… when loving her is forbidden? Completed

Shattered Lives

Just one bad decision… one wrong move… one split second… and their lives were shattered. Completed

One Night

It was only one night, but it would change his life forever. Completed

The Other Child

It was supposed to be a happy time. But instead, tragedy befell one family, as they gained one member, but lost another. Now, eighteen years later, can they ever become the family they once hoped to be? Incomplete. AN: This story revolves around only one member of BSB, and in the story, the Backstreet Boys do not exist. Just thought I’d let you know that LOL

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