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Eboni's Stories

This page contains links to my friend Eboni's stories. Her stories are very creative and are written very well. Click on the link, sit back, and enjoy :-)

The Meaning of Being Lonely

Do you believe in reincarnation, life after death, ghosts, past lives? Well neither did Brian, that is until he met a girl named Elaina. Through Elaina Brian is allowed access to a tragic past life in the 1920's involving not only him but his Backstreet brothers as well. What happened in the 1920's that led to the deaths of the five people whose souls would eventually come together to form the five individual's known as the Backstreet Boys? Completed

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

"We were flying in a plane over Germany when Kevin got this idea about doing a video in a castle."
"Yeah then Nick's imagination blew it to pieces..."
Oh come on, we all know they can do better than that for an explanation. Do you want to know how they really got the idea for the "Everybody" video? If so, click on the link and the true story will be revealed... Completed

Larger than Life *the sequel to "Everybody"*

New tour, new territory, old monster... In this story the Boys are pulled deeper into the demon world they thought they had left behind and forgotten three years ago. Somehow Chiros has returned and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what he wants. Completed

Have You Seen Me?

Nick Carter's tragic death stopped the lives of many people for some time. It has now been a full year since then, and everyone has realized life goes on...everyone, that is, except Brian. Brian still believe Nick is alive, despite harsh criticism from everyone who just want to put the nightmare behind them. Brian was finally about to give up hope until he receives a mysterious phone call from a young woman. This phone call leads Brian to a world hidden from the rest of society that is different from anything he had ever known. Will he find what he's looking for here, and if he finds it, will he like it? Incomplete

Don't Want to Lose You Now

Solitaire... this seems to be the game the Backstreet Boys are playing against one another. No one talks anymore, no one pays attention, it only took one Backstreet Boy to fix that problem, but it will take all five of them to fix this one. That is, if it's not already too late. Completed

The Boys in the Basement

Stop the presses the Backstreet Boys have been kidnapped! How can we get them back? Well for starters we'll need cash. But how much cash? What happens when the kidnappers forget who holds the money and kidnap the wrong people? Warning this story contains violence. Completed

Lost Time *the sequel to "The Boys in the Basement"*

Six months have passed since the kidnapping and safe return of the Backstreet Boys. Kind management and record labels have generously let them have time off, but now it is time to go back to work. In addition to releasing a new album the Boys are required to go on tour, but not alone. On this tour many surprises appear along the way, the story will start off with a light fun tone, but as the story progresses one will see that there is more to it than fun and games, and what happens when someone you thought had died maybe wasn't as dead as you thought... Incomplete

The Answer is Yes

The answer is yes, you say. Well what exactly was the question? Is it a romantic one? Is someone getting married? Is it a monetary question? Is someone accepting a million dollar reward? Is it about anything you could think of off the top of my head? Depends on how strange you are... if you're Eboni, then yes it would be. The question is... Is there a chance that we are not alone in this universe, is there anyone out there besides us? Well, the answer is yes... Incomplete

The Roomates Series

What would happen if you were finally recognized for something you love to do, and get paid a lot of money to do it? What would happen if you fell in with a certain actor and became partners. What happens when your bestfriend decides to move in with you? Toss in a famous singer and you have ROOMATES. Incomplete

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