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Amy's Stories

This page contains links to my friend Amy's stories. These stories are very well written, so check them out. Enjoy :)

To Fit In

AJ watches a close friend go through something that sadly many others go through also. This is AJ's story of how a friend fought to fit in and in the process almost lost everything. Completed

Welcome Home

Let's travel back to the early days of the BSB's career. 24-year-old Kevin Richardson thought his Christmas break would be peaceful, but it is anything but peaceful when he takes care of the young Carter kids while their parents are out of state. Will he come out of this ordeal with all of his sanity intact? Completed.

Welcome Back *The Sequel to "Welcome Home"

Kevin survived his earlier ordeal with the Carter kids. When his girlfriend suggests that Kevin spends some time with the kids, he reluctantly agrees. What else can go wrong? Incomplete


Kevin receives his pilot's license and takes the other guys for a ride but unexpectadly problems occur and tragedy strikes. Can the knowledge of one man be enough to get them all out of this alive? Incomplete

Cabin Fever

Something is wrong with Nick but nobody knows what it is. After rehearsal one day, Kevin decides they need a break from their schedule and takes them all to a cabin owned by a friend. As Nick steadily gets worse during the night, the guys decide to take him to a hospital, risking their lives and Nick's own going out during a terrible storm. Do they arrive at the hospital in time? Incomplete

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